UC Connect Groups

Part of growing as a community is getting to know each other.  UC Connect Groups provide everyone an opportunity to be a part of a family of people who share the same values, beliefs and interests.  We open our homes and our hearts in an effort to embrace and love each other just as Jesus loves and embraces us.

Isaak and Denise Ayala

Hello!! Our connect group meets the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month in South Chino. We love to sit and talk about life’s blessings and challenges, and how Jesus is reigning and in it all. Come join us as we chat, laugh, and do life with one another.

Robert and Kristen Roark

Come hang with us Friday nights as we bond over the word, build community & friendship, and connect over good food. All for His glory and our good. We meet every other Friday at 7pm in Yorba Linda, Hope to see you there!

Ethan Venerable and Jessica Tubergan

We invite you to join us every Thursday at 7pm in South Chino. We spend time in the word, pray for each other, and share in each other's battles and victories. Our desire is to encourage one another to live lives submitted to the King; and from that place, we can walk in freedom like never before. Come join us!

Get Connected.

If you would like to visit a connect group, please fill out your information below, and someone from our team will reach out to you with more information