Exists To Know Jesus and To Make Jesus Known




UC cares about one thing more than anything else, your relationship with Jesus Christ. And out of our love for Him we are motivated to love each other. UCC is a family of individuals who have found our hope in Jesus, and simply want as many people as possible to experience that same freedom.



We are a church plant that started with 5 people in a living room.  God sent us to the Preserve in Chino in 2016 to start Upward Call and to be a part of what God is doing in this area.



We believe that Jesus has called Upward Call to sow seeds of freedom and authenticity to the city of Chino and the surrounding areas.  By following the life we find in Jesus our hope is that you will be encouraged to reach your upward call in Jesus.  Our goal is that your experience here will be an overflow of the passion and love we have as individuals for Jesus.  We would like to see Jesus and His name spread throughout the Chino Valley, SoCal, our nation and ultimately the whole world.


Most importantly, you are always welcome at Upward Call Church. We are saving a seat for you. Wherever you are at in your faith journey, you will always be accepted as part of our family.


Upward Call exists to know Jesus and to make Jesus known!


Core Values

jesus is our message

The PURPOSE of UpwardCall Church is to make Jesus known. Jesus is our message and the reason we believe in His unchanging word.


people are our purpose

PEOPLE matter to Jesus and so we make no apologies for accepting all people. We long for the lost and broken to come home to The Father.


generosity is our privilege

Generosity is about using what you have and making the most of it and giving more than what is required. We see generosity as a privilege. We are generous with our time, talents and treasure. God has given richly towards us and it is our honor to give back to Him.

Excellence is our ambition

We are going to always do the best with what we have. We’re on time, engaged and prepared. We don’t do things half way. If we’re going do it, it’s to the best of our ability

servant leadership is our heart

If you’re too big to serve then you are too small to lead. We believe the greatest leadership is service to others. Every leader is a servant first. From the parking lot to the pulpit, all are called to serve with gladness. Every role is different but in the Kingdom they are all important


honor is our calling

We are vocal with our honor, meaning we are not stingy with kind words. We believe in honoring each and every person


passion is our pursuit

Everything we do, we do it with passion. From our worship to our service. Passion for Jesus. Passion for people. Passion for His church

Partners in ministry

We believe that the church is built on the foundations of apostles and prophets with Christ as the cornerstone, Ephesians 2:20. Understanding this, we partner with other churches and pastors that that help to encourage, equip and build up the local church.

What We Believe

We are a Bible believing, Christ-Centered Church.

In practice, we expect to experience the Word of God come to life through the active presence of the Holy Spirit among our people each time we gather.

We believe in the Bible plus nothing, minus nothing.

The scripture is true in it’s entirety and we have derived our foundational beliefs about God, life and reality from within it’s pages

we believe in Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus, sent by God to redeem our sinful nature, was born a virgin birth, lived as a man here on earth, died on the cross, rose from death and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father waiting to return and redeem those who are convinced in Him.




Darian Venerable

Darian (Lead Pastor), originally from Trenton, New Jersey, moved to Southern California with his then single mom. Shortly after their move, Darian’s mom married a man who loved the Lord. This is when Darian was introduced to Jesus. While in high school Darian heard the call of God for his life:  to raise up and release leaders within the church. Since then Darian has been on three pastoral teams: The first in Walnut, California, the second in Chino, California and most recently Denver, Colorado. It was while in Denver, Darian along with his lovely wife Kinessha of 19 years and their three amazing kids, Ezekiel, Olivia and Ethan, answered God’s call for them to return to Chino, California and launch Upward Call Church.  Darian’s passion and enthusiasm for life comes through in all he does whether it’s preaching the gospel, playing (or watching) various sports, winning at Scrabble or riding his Harley, he believes that Jesus is and should be at the center of it all! 

Kinessha Venerable

Kinessha is a native of California and the middle of five kids. Her relationship with the Lord began at an early age as she practically grew up in the church.  Kinessha’s singing voice helped to find her on the worship team at her local church’s youth group. Kinessha’s journey with Jesus started with worship and has allowed her to walk through many doors of ministry, specifically to women. Kinessha has played significant roles of leadership in women’s ministry for many years as she has worked along side her husband, Darian in ministry for nearly 20 years.  Kinessha has three teenaged children, Ezekiel, Olivia and Ethan.  Kinessha not only enjoys singing but loves preaching God’s word, finding the best pastry shops in town, winning at Scrabble and laughing with friends.  Kinessha believes that true freedom and joy are only found in Jesus.





Jessica Tubergan


 I am originally from the Midwest. A small town in Michigan, to be exact. I moved here (via a few other states/countries) almost 3 years ago to help plant Upward Call. A few of the joys of my life, in no particular order, include: coffee, traveling (anywhere!), giving gifts to those I love & seeing people walk into freedom found only in Jesus. Welcome to our church! 


Ezekiel Venerable

Youth pastor

I have had the opportunity to travel to Europe and South Africa and I love those places.  Playing basketball and FIFA are a couple of my interests.


Eric and Lydia Groulx


We have been married for 20 years and have 3 kids.  We couldn’t have asked to be better friends or accomplices.  We have learned to love Jesus and His people regardless of circumstances or preference.


Ethan Venerable


 I am a high school senior play football, basketball and run track.  I have been saved and raised in the church my whole life.  I want to study engineering in college.


Kim Sanchez


I dedicated my life to Jesus in January of 1992.  I am a fan of anything Boston!  



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