Perspective is Everything

Perspective is Everything

I have had the opportunity to travel a little.  Running through airports and staying in hotels can take its toll, especially because I like being with my family. For me, the one thing that never gets old is flying into a large city.  There’s something settling about being able to see the city layout, the “Matchbox” size cars and the buildings from an aerial view.

 When I’m able to view the city from that vantage point, it gives me a different perspective on life.  I don’t seem to be as overwhelmed or “small” from where I am looking.

I think it gives a glimpse as to how God sees our lives.  Understanding that He has a big picture perspective allows us to truly trust that He will guide our steps beyond what we see (Prov. 3:5-6).  He can lead us in a way that is not consumed with the unknown because he sees what is around every corner.  He prepares us for what is to come because of His viewpoint of our lives.

When Jesus said to pray, “Our Father who is in Heaven” the idea was made clear.  God is above in Heaven with a perspective that is much different than our own.  

I am grateful that the Lord doesn’t work according to my perspective.  What I see is uncertain and can cause fear, doubt and confusion.  What He sees produces faith, belief and clarity.  

Often we get lost in our perspective and begin to wrestle internally with what we see, convincing ourselves that He is not Lord of ALL.  We convince ourselves that what we see is all there is, demoting Jesus to just Savior, when He is so much more!

Sounds bleak I know, but it is a reality for some of us.

Hopefully, that internal struggle will  produce a crucial understanding:

Jesus is Lord and Savior!!

He is ever present, our source, righteousness, victory, hope, strength, glory, power, healing, peace, love, comfort, sufficient, understanding, gracious…the list could go on and on.  

Our challenge is to see what He sees.  Sometimes it is difficult.  I know first hand!  However, to believe He is anything less than Lord is to diminish what and who He is.

Through trials and in triumphs we have to hold on to who we know God to be.  In trials because we hold on for dear life, in triumphs we cannot forget who got us there!

Perspective is everything!  If we can remember that Jesus’ love for us extends far beyond our perspective it will change our thinking and give us the opportunity to see things from His vantage point.