The Goal of Life

The Goal of Life

Goals are great motivators. Goals like eating clean, laughing more and exercising all motivate us to feel better or to be better.

Our goals for our life with Jesus can also be great motivators. Reading our bibles, consistent prayer times and going to church regularly all seem to be things that help us become better Christians.

However, I think the goal of following Jesus isn’t that we become better people. The goal of following Jesus is that we get Jesus.

In Him is everything we want, hope for, dream, desire, need and want to be.

In Jesus is the answer to every problem, unresolved issue, breakthrough and challenge.

So often we try and make our walk with Christ about what we do or don’t do. What we become or choose not to become.

The truth is our walk with Jesus isn’t about what we do but about Who it is we walk with.

At times, when we talk to people about Jesus we make it about what they have to give up to follow Him or how their lifestyles have to change in order to be a Christian.

I believe the message of Christ is not Christianity. The message of Christ is Christ.

He is the beginning and the end, period.

Although we endeavor to live lives that please God (1 Thes. 4:1), we contend to have an authentic relationship with Him. That is why He laid His life down. Remember, Jesus died so we could be reconciled to the Father through a real, tangible, genuine, eternal relationship with Him.

As our relationship with Him grows and we are more and more open to who He is and what He has called us to, we begin to see ourselves change based on who Jesus is to us. We begin to see a change in how we live because the Lord is present and active in our lives.

Let’s focus on what matters, or should I say, “Who matters”. Our pursuit should be of Jesus. However that looks for each of us. Whether it is reading the Word, worshiping to music or praying every day.

We should make the most of our relationship with Jesus and keep the main thing the main thing:

Jesus, not methods.

Jesus, not the church.

Jesus, not our practices.

All of those things change over time, but Jesus never does.

When we keep Jesus as the main thing its very difficult to lose our way. In fact, the closer we get to Him the more we should want to be like Him and ultimately the more we are like Him.

Being with Jesus actually becomes our greatest motivator!