Seasons, scenarios and serenity…

Seasons, scenarios and serenity…

As we are heading toward the end of the school year I started to think about my last days of high school and began to get nostalgic. So much that I found my senior yearbook! That was a mistake!! I found my senior picture and nearly choked from laughing so hard. It’s interesting how looking back can make you thankful for where you have come from but also make you conscience of where you are and more importantly, where you are going.

I think if we all looked back there are things we would like to have done differently, better or not at all! The fortunate thing about the past is that is exactly that, “the past”! There is no point reliving it or rehashing what was or what could have been. The best thing about our past is that we get to move away from it on a daily basis. The good, the bad and the ugly all become far more distant with every day.

The thing that I look back on and realize I haven’t been able to create a distance from is God’s faithfulness.   No matter how hard I tried to create space between Jesus and me, the more I found He was consistent with His love and care for me.

Romans 3:3 says that even in our faithlessness God remains faithful! That is amazing! I don’t understand how He remains faithful and honestly I’ve stopped trying. All I know is that at every turn when I have needed Him to show up He’s been there. Maybe not exactly when I thought I needed Him but when it counted.

Seasons, scenarios and even my serenity have changed but God has not! Think about Peter stepping out of the boat. After he walked on water and began to sink, in danger of his life, Jesus was there with His hand stretched out to save him. Most of us would say Peter should have never taken his eyes off of Jesus. While I agree, the truth remains: Jesus didn’t take His eyes off of Peter!

The dedicated love of the Lord never ceases (Lamentations 3:22) and as a result He can remain faithful toward us no matter what.

Hopefully, as our relationship with the Lord develops, we can find ourselves responding to Him in the same way: Holding firm to the confession of our hope without wavering because He who promised is faithful.

His promise always speaks of our destiny in Him. The plan and dream that God has had for us from the beginning is achievable.

Although our past, at times, tries to dictate our future, if we continue looking at God and His faithfulness, we can shut the door on what was and look forward to what He has for us.

As for me, I’m shutting the door on my senior picture for starters…after that, the possibilities in God are endless!!!