Dream, I Dare You!

Dream, I Dare You!

What feels like a only a few hours ago, I drove my family over the Rocky Mountains!  Over the last 6 years we have made this trip many times. However, this will be the last time we drive away from Denver and won’t be coming “home”.

Home will once again be Southern California.

We have had many people ask and/or speculate as to why we are moving back to the region we left over 6 years ago. I could super-spiritualize my answer and I could make up something that sounds over complicated.

Truth is, we are choosing to be obedient to what God has said to us.  God spoke to us last July about moving back to Cali.  It wasn’t something we took lightly.

It took a lot of prayer and talking it through with people we trusted. We wrestled with the idea of going back and the idea that we were possibly “going backward”!  The fear of what people would think, the understanding that our kids were in their prime high school years and the thought of starting a church from scratch made my knees knock together!!

After all that thinking, speculating and hearing other peoples ideas, we knew what we had to do: hear God and make a choice.  We could pack our house and drive away or stay and always wonder what God could have done. We chose to pack and drive!!!

What hit me finally when we were in the driveway, saying our last good-byes and pulling away from our house was the reality of our decision to obey God.

We all find ourselves in positions, from time to time, when we have to make that choice. We can choose to listen to the voice of God or allow all the outside voices, which can be loud, to lead our way.

Remember what God told Abraham in Genesis 12, “Go from your country…to a land I will show you”.

There could be no more direct way God could say, “Hear My voice and live in the plan, purpose and destiny that I have dreamed for you”.

Not that I am comparing myself to Abraham! I’m not comparing myself to anyone. What I am trying to do, each and everyday, is to hear God’s voice and live out the dream He has for me.

I don’t think there is a greater way we can say, “Jesus I love you” than living out the destiny He has set for us.

I believe that God’s ways are higher than my ways and His thought are higher than mine!  Since that’s the reality I live in, why not let His dreams become my dreams?  Why not let His plans become my own?!?

Our whole story hasn’t unfolded yet and there are somethings to work through, but as long as we place everything in God’s hands, His hands will be in everything!  Eyes on Jesus…here we go!!!