Contending with Disappointment

Contending with Disappointment

Remember when you were a little kid and the ice cream man would drive through your neighborhood in his truck? It didn’t matter what you were doing, who you were playing with or how loud you and your friends were because as soon as you heard the music from that truck everything stopped! It was mayhem!! Kids would run full speed to get to the front of the line. Others were sprinting home to get money to pay for their favorite ice cream.

Inevitably, there were the times that I didn’t have money and wasn’t able to buy anything from the ice cream truck. I would watch as my friends ate theirs. Sometimes they shared but sometimes they didn’t. In the times they didn’t I can remember feeling rejected and disappointed. How come I couldn’t have what they had when they had it!! My little world was crushed!

I think at times we still feel that way about some of the situations we face today.   Unfortunately we face much bigger issues than the ice cream truck! Whether it’s a missed job opportunity, a relationship gone bad, financial pressure, poor health, the list can go on. Life can be disappointing at times and make it feel like we are being crushed.

When we are in the middle of those times we are faced with decisions that would make it easy to give up and just let life happen.

What I have found to be amazing is that God never intended for life to just happen. Even in our darkest hours, He has a plan for our lives.

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray in Matthew 6 and said they should pray “Your kingdom come, Your will be done”, it gave us something to fight for instead of just letting life have its way.

God’s kingdom is made up of righteousness, peace and joy (Rom. 14.17). Likewise, because the King is in the kingdom, He rules with authority and supremacy!

When we say yes to Jesus and allow Him to reign as King we live under the power of His great love for us, the mighty reach of His influence in our lives and the extent of His ruling authority in all that we do for His kingdom!

In addition, when we ask for His will to be done in our lives we are releasing the desires, dreams and destiny that He has had for us before the beginning of time!

When we understand that Gods ways are higher than our ways we would want nothing less than His will in our lives.

When we ask that His kingdom come and His will be done that doesn’t mean we won’t face disappointment. It means we don’t have to live in the feelings and emotions that come along with life not going our way. It means that there is more than what we see now and so we contend for His kingdom and His will! Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 6 that we should fight the good fight and to take hold of eternal life. If someone told you this was going to be easy, they lied! We fight the good fight, contend for our salvation and work it out on a daily basis. All for the prize, that upward call – His presence in our lives!! It’s better than ice cream!!!